The type of puzzles that require the player to keep all triggers activated at the same time (deactivation happens immediately).

Use Case

There are 3 platforms in the scene. All of them must be kept activated in order to open the gates. However, they are resetting each time the player comes off it.

Nevertheless, player is provided with additional props in the scene; 2 heavy rocks. If he will put each rock on 2 of the platforms, and he himself will stand on the 3rd one, he will solve the system.

Note that it's impossible to solve this puzzle by the player only, unless the triggers are overlapping each other. Thus, make sure to specify correct tags if you use default Collider based triggers. More about in the Triggers section.



Critical Events


Happens when all triggers are being active at the same time.


Is not invoked, but coming in the further updates.

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