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PuzzleSystem Utility


PuzzleSystem Utility is a custom tool integrated into the Unity Editor that will help you to create systems in just a few clicks.

To open it,

<Upper Menu> -> Tools -> Puzzle System


In this tab you can easily create puzzles. In order to do so, you will need to first specify a few parameters.

  • Parent Object:

    • Handler Component

    • Logic Component

  • Trigger Objects:

    • Prefab or Component

    • Number of Triggers

Make sure to choose the components that inherit from their corresponding core classes. For example, the component you put into Handler field must be a subclass of CorePuzzleHandler.

As soon as you click "Create" button, the puzzle of the specified components will appear in your scene hierarchy. Note that all triggers are already linked to the Logic component. And if you selected one of the Collider based triggers, then BoxColliders will be automatically attached and changed to be triggers.


The tool also contains some basic links to this documentation page and to the author's contact details.

Component Menu Items

All most important for the puzzles scripts, that are included in the framework, are available for addition in the component menu. You can add them to the objects on the scene quickly and easily.

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